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In todays world, technology has taken control over peoples lives. It’s creating a zombie like population. Very scary, and something we should all be concerned about. Although, I can not help those who are brainwashed by their slave gadgets, I can help those who are seeking security and even online anonymity. With over 20 years experience as an I.T. professional, I have made the switch to Linux. I no longer use Microsoft or OSX.

Online computer hackers have infiltrated and exposed the personal information of 110 million Americans – nearly half of the US adult population - over the last year alone. This is mostly due to bloated corporate software making computers vulnerable to attacks.

Linux is an alternative to expensive mainstream software. FREE open source software is not for everyone. But, it is a great option for many. More secure, more stable and easy to use. I teach my clients on how to surf smart online. I can show you my password formula that is easy for users to remember. Viruses and Malware can be something you are no longer concerned about. No more expensive bloated utilities that create instabilities and slow your system down.

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